Gascoyne Youth Arts Program

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Gascoyne Youth Arts Program

I will be joining Jade from Country Arts WA for the Carnarvon Residency of the Gascoyne Youth Create Tank.
Here are all the details:

Free Camera Obscura Workshops:

Mon 3rd Sept 12.30-6.00pm
Tues 4th Sept 12:30-6.00pm
Tues 4th Sept 6.00-8.00pm
Wed 5th Sept 12:30-6.00pm
Thu 6th Sept 12.30-6.00pm
No bookings required – just rock up.

A camera obscura aka pinhole camera is the concept that made modern-day
photography possible. We will use the same principle to turn a whole room into
a walk-in camera. Join guest artist Anton Blume in the camera room.
Who: All young people up to 30 years old
Where: Town Oval, Egan Street, Carnarvon

Followed by a Community Screening at Gwoonwardu Mia ~ Fri 7th Sept 6.00pm
All Welcome!

Do you need more information? Get in touch with Country Arts WA, 9200 6200

Digital Media Tuition – Carnarvon

Surely there’s something you need to know about the Internet and digital media? FREE workshops on all things online!

Who: Young people aged 12-26 who live in Carnarvon, and

organisations that support young people in Carnarvon.
Choose you Adventure

1. Basic computer & Internet skills
2. Using Facebook & social media – privacy,business promotion
3. Making money online / Online fundraising
4. Communicating online
5. Film, Vimeo, YouTube, Indigitube
6. Digital photography
7. Online music

Call or email and book yourself or a group in for a lesson at a time that suits you.
Mon 3rd Sept – Fri 7th Sept 2012, 9am to 6pm, Carnarvon Public Library, Francis Street book now at Carnarvon Public Library phone 9941 0060 or email library.staff(at)

This is another great project that’s come from the Gascoyne Focus Region Initiative!

Program Partners
Country Arts WA
Shire of Upper Gascoyne
Burringurrah Community – Aboriginal Corporation
Shire of Shark Bay
Shire of Carnarvon
Shire of Exmouth

Country Arts WA receives Core Funding from
Government of Western Australia | Department of Culture and Arts