Act-Belong-Commit Gascoyne Youth Arts Program in Carnarvon – Follow up

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Act-Belong-Commit Gascoyne Youth Arts Program in Carnarvon – Follow up

Local Carnarvon artist, Anton Blume, and Country Arts WA’s Regional Youth Arts Development Officer, Jade Stott, recently made a Town-Hall sized Camera Obscura as part of the Act-Belong-Commit Gascoyne Youth Arts Program in Carnarvon 3rd to 7th September.

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A Camera Obscura aka Pinhole camera is the concept that made modern-day photography possible. A dark room was made at Town Hall Pavillion, allowing light to project through the hole and into the room casting the outside world on the inside wall. Participant Jasmine Bittner (20) commented:

I enjoyed every bit of the workshop and learnt a lot I was so amazed by how taking a photo is so hard, but its easy… I would attend another workshop because it´s amazing learning things that I didn´t know about.

The residencies were free of charge to all young people aged 12-30, and saw 28 young Carnarvon residents participate – not to mention two dogs who joined in as photograph subjects. The residency culminated in a photo exhibition and community BBQ at Gwoonwardu Mia with performances by the Pundara Dancers.

“The workshops were a good opportunity to get to know the local contacts better in regards to youth/community. This may lead to future projects and is to the benefit of Carnarvon”, commented artist Anton Blume. “Building a walk in size Camera Obscura allowed us to experience the foundations of camera technology. Everyone was overwhelmed by the simplicity of it. I think the combination of science and art in a practical approach was very well received and every participant walked home with the feeling of having learned something new in a very exciting way.”